Nick Clegg recently announced a huge increase in tax investigations….the government “will pursue a £900 million drive that will see the number of people targeted for tax checks rise to 150,000” – Daily Mail 20th September 2010

Subscribe to the Ossman Consultants Limited Tax Investigation Service – and avoid the worry.

Ask anyone who has been selected at random for a tax investigation and they will almost certainly tell you 2 things:

  1. It was not a pleasant experience
  2. With support from their accountant, they survived the stress.

One of the difficulties is the amount of time and work involved in trawling through records dating back years. It can cost you thousands – even if you have done nothing wrong and have no extra tax to pay.

An investigation can happen to anyone, however innocent and straight your records. As part of your risk management procedures, it makes sense to protect against this.

Our tax investigations service is backed by an insurance policy which we have taken out in our own name. The service can cost from as little as £90 per annum. In the event of an HMRC investigation, the policy will provide up to £100,000 of professional fees resulting from a full enquiry, aspect enquiry* or employer compliance PAYE/VAT/IR35/NIC disputes.

Other areas covered:

  • £1000 limit on a compliance visit cover with your presence
  • Business inspection notices

£1000 limit on pre-dispute claims
£5000 limit on specialist investigations
£5000 limit on a judicial review

To guide you through complex business legal laws, you will also have access to a free 24 hour legal telephone helpline in the following areas:

  • Employment
  • Health & safety
  • Commercial

With a small annual fee let Ossman Consultants Limited eliminate the intrusion, disruption and expense of an investigation, **at no extra cost to you. By achieving an efficient closure, for the time it takes to reach resolution, you can concentrate on your business, not on your tax bill.

With the latest marketing information on changing HMRC regulations, our tax investigation service could save you paying tax, interest, penalties – and thousands of pounds.

The strain of an HMRC enquiry or investigation, sometimes lasting years, can be avoided – you won't be the first person investigated and you certainly will not be the last.

Get peace of mind, get in touch anytime and talk to one of our experienced, non judgmental Ossman Consultants Limited team:

Tel: 020 8330 7711

*Aspect enquiries under self-assessment relate to a specific area of a return

Full enquiries involve a review of all books and records relating to the return

Bremakumars recommends you speak to an advisor about the most appropriate cover for you.

**Except for any professional expenses not recoverable under the service.

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